Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Latest news from Europe on AOL activities

Bulgaria - The Art of Living on TV
Konstantin Dragov, president of The Art of Living Bulgaria, was invited by the top national TV and participated in a morning talk show along with another guest, popular singer Victoria from Matilo Band. The topic was: What makes us happy!
Watch The Art of Living in Bulgaria and Konstantin in the following video, starting from the 27th minute (Bulgarian language):
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Germany - World Culture Festival
The World Culture Festival event team is working hard to make the event become the experience of a lifetime.
Watch out for more news coming to you soon on a regular basis and have a look at the event website
The official World Culture Festival trailer can be watched here:
HOT NEWS! Two seating zones already sold out! Buy your tickets now!
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Macedonia - Providing school material for children in orphanages
The children from the orphanage this year went to school but unfortunately their school bags were left empty without school equipment for monitoring the regular classes. In order to ensure that these children can share beautiful learning experiences in school with all the other kids, Art of Living Macedonia organized a call for help, providing school equipment required for the 2010/2011 school year for children in the orphanage, in cooperation with members of the family`s website portal "Ringeraja" ( )
'Indescribable was our joy that we can help and can contribute to these kids who never felt the family and parental love, to make them feel like a part of one big family and that they are not forgotten, to make then feel love and joy' the volunteers in Macedonia said.
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Poland - Media coverage
"Sri Sri Ravi Shankar - Man full of love" - Read the article in Poland's well-known Finelife magazine here:
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Slovenia - Yoga Rave project nominated for annual award
The Art of Living in Slovenia has been nominated with their 'Yoga Rave" event project for an award that is organized jointly by different media portals and three monthly magazines.
Every year a selection of people and organizations are awarded for their contribution to society - with a particular idea or project.
The award is being held annually since 2003. This year, the results of the voting will be known in February.
Read more here (in Slovenian language):
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Sweden -
Seva initiatives
Art of Living volunteers have initiated a number of Seva projects.
Visit the dedicated Service facebook page to find out more:
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