Monday, January 31, 2011

Grand Guitar Ensemble and World Record for Peace

Dear all,

The World Culture Festival in Berlin aims to break a World Record with over 6,500 guitarists from every corner of the world gathering together in Olympiastadion Berlin July 2nd 2011. The largest guitar ensemble in the world so far was achieved by 6,346 participants in an event organised by Thanks Jimi Festival, in Wroclaw, Rynek, Poland, on 01 May 2009. Amateur and professional musicians alike will share the stage with stars in a celebration of world peace and intercultural harmony. The ticket price for participation in Grand Guitar Ensemble and World Record for Peace is 30 Euro including the full 2 days program in the festival. You will become a part of the magnificent Grand Celebration and get a unique seat in the Olympiastadion. We'll get back to you with a personal invitation and information about the songs and tickets. Everyone who plays a guitar is invited to take part in this GROUND-BREAKING World Record Concert. Click here to join!