Sunday, December 5, 2010

Yes We Can

Dear Ones,

The International Art of Living Foundation will be celebrating it 30th anniversary for offering service to Mankind and for promoting Human Values. There will be the World Culture Festival taking place in July 2011 in the Olympiastadion Berlin, Germany. Over 70,000 people from more than 150 countries are expected to attend and participate in this Dance & Music Festival, Yoga & Ayurveda Park, Inter-cultural Dialogue and Food Festival and of course the Youth Festival. 

Would you like to be part of this historical adventure?

If YES! Just sign up for the 2011 'YES! We Can'!!!!!!!!!

The 2011 'YES! We Can' is the most special of all as it offers the extraordinary opportunity to join the organizing team of the World Culture Festival and to visit the Olympiastadion Berlin. You may arrive as an amateur. For sure you will leave with a life-time of experience and a leader.

The 'YES! We Can' is a beneficial workshop to further improve the quality of life. It is a practical and effective training program that can empower students and young professionals to experience unshakable calmness and inner creativity.  'YES! We Can' works through inspirational leadership to unlock the full potential of superior performance and responsibility that lies within the individual. Participants are transformed into leaders. Leaders who are caring, understanding and inspired to help others to grow. Leaders who love what they do. Leaders who take responsibility for the betterment of themselves, of their family, of their environment and for the betterment of the world. Leaders who don't just lead but involve others and help others to develop their leadership skills while using their maximum potential. 


The World Culture Festival is a concrete platform on which the 2011 'YES! We Can' will take their leadership skills to a new height.


•                Starting Date: Friday, 18th February 2011. 

•                Duration of Program: 1 month (minimum) and up to 6 months. *

•                Location: The first month of training will take place in Maisach-Oppenau, Germany. 

•                Who can attend: Anyone between 20 and 30 years who is wishing to learn the tools for self-development and personal empowerment. This will also give one the opportunity to possibly participate in the historical event of the World Culture Festival in July 2011. In order to apply one must have attended the 'Yes !+' or the Part 1 course as well as the Part 2 course.

•                Countries accepted: We accept people from every country.**

•                Selection process: To ensure a maximum benefit for both parties, the 2011 YES!-We Can will function with a selection process throughout. After the mandatory month of training, the participants will be allocated various tasks according to their skills and their alignment with the organization's vision and mission. Selected  participants will be integrated to  the World Culture Festival organizing team. There will be no other additional cost except the full course payment fee.

•                Application forms***: Please submit your application online at 

             •         Former YES! We Can :

            The Videos 2010 Bulgaria 



The Video 2009 

The Source magazine - YES! We Can 2010 Germany :


* One month training is mandatory for everyone.

** In case you need a visa, we will send you an invitation letter after having received and accepted your application form and the full payment.

*** The application sent in full with the payment before 31st December 2010 receives a discount of 150€.


International Art of Living Foundation

Camille Abgrall

Berlin : 0049 302 579 8088  

France : 0033 682 578 948