Friday, December 17, 2010

The Secrets of Marma Points

Dear Friends,


We are glad to invite you to the Ayurvedic Training:

"The Secrets of Marma Points" 5.-9. January 2011 in Bad Antogast/ Germany


This is one of the new many proposals from Shankara Europe to spread the knowledge of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar creating a network of therapists, operators or seva people. This new way of spreading awareness in the everyday life, offering trainings and Ayurvedic culture, will be our mission, and for this reasons we are promoting the possibility for everyone of introducing this knowledge in their jobs and hobbies.


We will need your help to spread Knowledge and Wellness in the everyday life of all the people! :)



What is Marma therapy?


Marma is a Sanskrit word meaning ' secret, hidden, vital.' On the surface of our body are found sensitive points where energy or Prana is concentrated. Marma is that ancient technique of activating energy points on the physical level to energize and relax the whole system. By exerting gentle pressure on these Marma points, one can release the blocks and allow the Prana or life energy to flow to the connecting organs or tissues, thus giving them a new lease of life. Marma promotes a greater balance and integration of the body, mind and consciousness.

Prerequisite / requirement: Part I + 2x Part II  or 1x Part II and Sri Sri Yoga TTC or  Part II and DSN


                                            At least one course had to be taken during the last 12 months

For more Information please contact

Massimo Ormea:

Susanne Kamp:


Jai Gurudev


Massimo Omera & Susanne Kamp

Tel: 0049 7804 913 6961