Friday, November 5, 2010

Blessings Course in Germany

Dear Friends,

We all know that magical things happen in Bad Antogast but in November there will be a truly magical Blessings Course with Swami Jyotirmaya. The course starts with satsang on Nov. 25th (Thursday) at 7.30 p.m  and finishes on Nov. 28th (Sunday) at 3 p.m. and the days in between will open your eyes to aspects of yourself and your relationship with others that could well affect the rest of your life.

Swami Jyotirmaya has created magic wherever he has taken a Blessings Course and he has left a lasting impression on everyone he's met. The light of the knowledge shines so brightly through him and his blessings have brought change to many peoples' lives. The combination of his wisdom and grace and the amazing processes you will undergo on the Blessings Course will make this an unforgettable experience.

If you've thought about doing the Blessings Course or wished to repeat the course this is truly a special opportunity. And if you are granted the gift of blessing others you, in turn, could bring this grace back home with you.

In order to take part in this course you must have already completed at least two Art of Silence courses.

Please spread the message among all those who might be interested.

For further info and the application form please email or call 0049(0)780497390.

With Love,

Your Bad Antogast Team